Kids Confidence and Achievement Coaching

Inspired Coaching For Confident Children

Discover How To Boost Your Kids, Confidence, Focus and Motivation…

…And Give Them Life-Skills, Self-Esteem and Inspiration In A Positive, Safe And Totally Supported Environment!

confident kidsImagine what your child can achieve when they feel confident, are motivated and have more self belief.

"Confidence is the key to unlocking your child’s true
potential in life."

If your child is to flourish and succeed, striding forward instead of allowing self doubts and situations to hold them back, what they need is life skills, self assurance and confidence.

See the quick and lasting benefits of the coaching that helps your child go from...

  • Shy to More Confident
  • Angry to Calm & Relaxed
  • Low Self Esteem to Higher Self Worth
  • Doubt to Self Belief
  • And Much More

It’s easy for your child to learn simple techniques, fun exercises and effective tools with CHAMPS Academy: Kids Confidence & Achievement Coaching. Giving you peace of mind your child is equipped with essential life skills to realise their true potential in life.

Watch the video for a simple exercise you can practice with your child at home...


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As a parent you always want the best for your child. 

Anxiety, poor social skills and mismanaged emotions can lead to unhappiness, frustration and recurring dissatisfaction.

What is the price of a lack of confidence in life?

The CHAMPS Academy syllabus has a full range of techniques and solutions for numerous problems and challenges that your child may experience.

Below you will see a small example of some of the types of exercises we include.

Graphic (37)The Worry Box...

The perfect tool to help your child deal with the worries in their head. Effectively helps anxieties drift away so your child has a greater ability to cope and feel happier in life.

downloadThe Thunderstorm...

A great exercise to manage emotional control,  so your child can effectively use their imagination to overcome impulsive behaviour and feel calmer.

tree-667t8Strong Trees...

Metaphors are very powerful and this one teaches your child how to bend with challenges to encourage self-management and strength of character.


When cheekiness verges on disrespectful this action packed exercise uses an acronym to remind your child about respect.

Our aim for the coaching is to make it very personal and specific to the problems your child is facing.